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Revolutionizing Software Development with Fractional Hiring

In today's fast-evolving tech landscape, the traditional full-time employment model is being effectively challenged by a dynamic approach known as fractional hiring. At FractionPro, we've perfected this approach by employing highly experienced part-time developers who bring a wealth of knowledge and efficiency to every project. Our model not only enhances productivity but also aligns with the financial flexibility that startups and established companies alike are seeking.

Part-time senior developer at work
Fractional Hiring Strategy

Unpacking Fractional Hiring

What is fractional hiring? Essentially, it involves experienced software engineers working in part-time capacities, typically around 20 hours a week. This setup is ideal for companies that require senior-level expertise but must manage budget constraints related to full-time employment—such as salaries, benefits, and other overhead costs.

FractionPro's Tailored Success Model

We've crafted a comprehensive delivery model that goes beyond mere staffing. At FractionPro, project success is ensured through integrated roles, including project management, product management, and software architecture. This model addresses and resolves common project challenges proactively, preventing potential delays and mitigating technical debt.

Why FractionPro Stands Out

  1. Depth of Experience: Our developers are not just part-time; they are profoundly seasoned professionals with an average of 9 years of experience. This depth ensures that they bring not only technical skills but also strategic insights to projects, significantly enhancing the quality and speed of development.

  2. Integrated Project Guidance: Beyond technical expertise, our developers are supported by architectural and product management professionals. This integrated support helps swiftly tackle both technical and strategic challenges, ensuring projects are not just completed but are aligned with broader business goals.

  3. Local Expertise: All our developers are based in the US and Canada, ensuring a deep understanding of North American market nuances and regulations. This local presence fosters better communication and alignment with clients' needs, particularly beneficial in regulated sectors like healthcare, insurance, and financial services.

  4. Industry-Specific Experience: FractionPro's extensive network allows us to match projects with developers who possess not only the right technical skills but also relevant industry experience. This tailored approach enhances project relevance and effectiveness, giving our clients a competitive edge.

The FractionPro Advantage

Compared to traditional consulting teams that often mix senior and junior staff, FractionPro’s strategy of employing exclusively senior talent proves to be significantly more productive. Our model is not only about high-quality software development but also about delivering these solutions in a cost-effective manner.


FractionPro is committed to the transformative potential of fractional hiring in the software development industry. We encourage businesses to explore how our model can expand their development capabilities and achieve outstanding results. By offering a blend of quality, value, and strategic alignment, we challenge the conventional norms of the tech industry and propose a flexible, impactful alternative. Whether you choose to work with us or others, consider fractional hiring as a strategic approach to achieve technological agility and excellence in your next project.



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